Green Mount Safari | $55

One of our most refreshing and exciting excursions is our trip to the famous 27 waterfalls. This national park is situated only half an hour from Puerto Plata and consists of the winding river Damajagua, making its way down the mountain forming 27 awesome waterfalls with natural slides and amazing cliffs. This all natural water park has been turned into a mayor attraction especially for young people who like to get an adrenalin rush. It takes about half an hour on foot walking on beautiful trails through the tropical rain forest to get to the waterfalls. Swim across the first pool and start making your way up the rocks. You will be swimming through narrow gorges of crystal clear mountain spring water, jumping and sliding into the pools of water formed in between the limestone cliffs.

For your protection you will be provided with life vests and helmets and we advise you to wear sturdy outdoor shoes or water shoes and not to bring anything that cannot get wet. You have a choice to climb either 7 (beginners level) or 12 (more extreme!) Prices US$55.00 For 7 waterfalls, US$70.00 for 12 waterfalls and US$100.00 for the whole 27 falls . Young children below the age of 8 can only climb the first waterfall.

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